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How To Experience True Love w/ Alexi Panos

What are you really willing to do to experience true love in your relationship?

This week Ash interviews Alexi Panos, a life coach, successful author and the founder of Soul School, a monthly membership community centered in helping people tap into their highest potential.

Alexi dives right in to outline 5 steps to experience love in its truest form. Ash and Alexi discuss how to maintain a healthy relationship, how to let go of the idea of your perfect person, and how to work through disagreements effectively. The science behind couples that stay together the longest, reveals some powerful insight into compatibility, you won’t want to miss this! And as
always, stick around to hear Ash’s post-episode thoughts. This week she poses thought-provoking questions to determine if you are actually moving forward in your relationship and life.

Connect with Alexi Panos:
Instagram: @alexipanos

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