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How to get out of debt – Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

What do you feel when you hear the word “money”?

Sit down with Ash this week while she interviews Ashley Gerstley, a money coach and the author of The 30-Day Money Cleanse.  The two Ashley’s discuss tips on getting out of debt and how to improve your relationship with money.  Money is one taboo topic, leaving most of us in the dark with how to manage it.  Because of this, Ashley outlines her 4 key steps to take control of finances and spending patterns.  Did you know that there are three layers to debt?  Ashley breaks down what they are, and how best to recover from them.

Money can be an emotionally charging concept, Ashley invites you to let go of the shame you may feel around self-worth and build a healthy long lasting relationship with your finances.  Part of this is recognizing and releasing environmental toxins.  Listen in to learn what they are, and tips to improve them.  The post-episode notes are key to this episode, stay tuned in to learn how Ash recovered from debt and what she realized along the way!


In This Episode, Learn How To:

1. View money as accessible and fun.
2. Debunk the confusion with credit scores and interest rates.
3. Create and understand intentional spending.
4. Navigate relationships where money is viewed and valued differently.



30 Day Money Cleanse by Ashley Gerstley

The Third Door by Alex Banayan


Where to Find Ashley Gerstley:

Instagram: thefiscalfemme


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