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How to Have A Millionaire Mindset w/ Leisa Peterson

Are chakra imbalances affecting your money flow?

Join Ash this week to hear from Leisa Peterson, a CFP, business expert on money, and founder of Wealth Clinic, an organization that helps entrepreneurs improve their relationship with money through coaching, workshops, and retreats. Tune in to learn about money habits and the positive mindest that millionaires have.

Being a millionaire or having a life supported by passive income might feel impossible. Leisa shares the top habits millionaires have and how to shift your mindset to align with theirs. When it comes to being successful, Leisa walks through financial tips to grow your wealth and what percent of income you should be setting aside each month.  There is one attribute that financially successful people all do, listen in the learn their secret!

Your relationship with money is connected to more than just your bank account.  The energy you carry with you is a direct reflection of your view on money.  Leisa and Ash dive into each chakra to outline where it is in your body, what it looks like, and how it shows up in your finances.  This likely one chakra that you lead with when it comes to money, listen in to find out which one you are.

Don’t forget to stick around for post-episode notes with Ash where she dives into the struggles of debt and recovery. Ash shares her personal struggles with debt and walks through steps to create the job and salary you deserve.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What each of the chakras are, and where they connect to finances.
What the mindset of a millionaire looks like.
How to overcome feelings of powerlessness in your life and financial decisions.



The Mindful Millionaire: Overcome Scarcity, Experience True Prosperity, and Create the Life You Really Want by Leisa Peterson


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