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How To Have A Tough Conversation w/ David Wood

Do you avoid confrontation at all costs?

This week Ash talks to David Wood, a leading coach, and trainer, to discuss how to have tough conversations. David shares 4 steps on how to step forward in your life through successful challenging conversations.

David walks through how to prepare for the conversation, part of which involves considering the risks and gains. Taking the risk to have a difficult conversation, like asking for a raise, requires strength and clarity of the value. There are pros and cons to everything when it comes to difficult conversations you may be subconsciously protecting yourself from recognizing the gains that would come as a result.

Do you believe the universe is friendly? Well, when you prepare to step into a moment of risk or conversation with unknown circumstances, it will become much easier if you hold onto the belief that things will go well. Your mindset is key to remaining grounded and intentional during a conversation, listen in to gain tips on how to do precisely this.

Don’t let the fear of the conversation stop you from having it.  When you share your fear from an authentic and vulnerable place you will build connection. David shares a personal example of how he walked out on stage filled with nerves and was still able to calm not only himself but the thousands of people in the audience. Truth is powerful and David shares how to use it to your advantage. Be sure to stick around for Ash’s post-episode notes where she talks through steps to take before you head into a difficult conversation.


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

Difference between a request and a demand.
Four steps to walk through a difficult conversation and get what you want.
How to reduce resentment with your peers.
The power of boundaries when you walk into a conversation.



Dare to Lead by Brene Brown


Where To Find David Wood:

Tough Conversations Podcast



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