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How to Heal and Release Trauma w/ Julianne Vaccaro

Do you ever feel dissociated from your physical body?

Join Ash this week to talk through how to heal and release sexual trauma. She sits down with Julianne Vaccaro, a holistic life coach and somatic sexologist who helps women heal their trauma and get back into their bodies.

Sexual trauma can show up in your life in a handful of ways, many being physical.  Julianne and Ash talk through indicators of suffering from trauma and practices to help you heal.  Learn not only the emotional side of trauma but also the effects sexual trauma has on your body.  There are three physical effects that occur during trauma and Julianne outlines what they each look like.  And, if you experience pain during consensual sex, listen in to learn why and how to relieve this.

Sex is something, with or without trauma, that we all carry certain thoughts and ideas about. Julianne shares a powerful journaling exercise to help you work through understanding and reprogramming any stories that you want to step away from when it comes to sexuality.

Do you ever hear women talk about “reclaiming their sexuality”?  Learn what this means and questions you can ask yourself to help understand your relationship with sex and your personal sexuality. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the post-episode notes with Ash!


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Difference and connection between sexuality and spirituality
  2. Indicators of sexual trauma in your body
  3. Tips to build a beautiful self-pleasure practice
  4. Three things that happen to you when a traumatic event occurs


Where to Find Julianne Vaccaro:

Instagram: @juliannevaccaro



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