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How To Heal ANY Trauma, Get Unstuck + Enjoy Your Life with Andrea Crowder

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This week, Ash sits down with Andrea Crowder, a teacher, podcast host, and speaker who teaches women to master their own mind, body & bank account so they create a life that feels good, on purpose. Because, after all, women who feel good, do good.


Andrea opens up about her life story, the history of being a stripper, journeying through teenage pregnancy, and stepping into launching a network marketing business. Whether you have overcome a challenging life event or are exploring solutions to heal trauma, this episode has something for you. Andrea and Ash share actionable tools, tips, and prompts to help you get unstuck and start enjoying your life. Don’t miss this!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to regulate yourself
  • Tools to break through trauma and step into peace
  • ART- Accelerated Resolution Therapy & RRT Rapid Resolution Therapy: what these are and how they support trauma healing
  • A powerful process and prompt to help you shift your mindset and apply creativity to your solutions.

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