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How To Let Go For Love w/ Jill Murray

Do you dream of having something else in your life?

This week Ash talks with Jill Murray, a TEDx speaker, author, blogger and founder of Let Got For IT, all about how to let go in order to let love enter your life.  Jill shares her 6 steps to letting go and receive the life and love you really want.

This episode isn’t just about letting go, it’s about the steps you must take after to move forward. Jill and Ash talk through what this looks like and share actionable ideas and tips you can implement into your life to take action forward.  Listen in to hear Jill’s words of comfort when you walk through this tough process.

There is a critical moment when it is time to let go.  Jill walks through how to know when this is and how to release the limitations that stop you.  A great deal of this revolves around allowing yourself to be bold and ask yourself the tough questions. Jill presents a way to view relationships and shares a great question to ask yourself when teetering on whether its time to let go.

Are you feeling the whispers to let go of something in your life?  You must start by allowing yourself to welcome in epiphanies. Jill provides a list of mindset shifts and actions to take in order to prepare yourself to hear the epiphanies and learn from them. Be prepared, these epiphanies come with consequences and it’s all about making the decision to acknowledge these truths.

There is a key indicator wrapped in learning how to let go, and discover more about who you are.  Ash loves it, and so will you! There are so many nuggets of insight from Jill, be sure to stay tuned till the end. And, don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to let go and open yourself up to receive what you deeply want.
The value of having a big wild love for yourself.
The impact fear plays in your relationships.
How to prepare yourself for change.


Where to connect with Leisa Peterson

Instagram: @letgoforit



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