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How To Let Go Of An Ex w/ Mark Groves

Do you find yourself comparing new partners to someone you were once with?

This week Ash brings Mark Groves back onto the show to talk all about how to let go of the phantom ex and actually move on!  Mark is a human connection specialist, founder of Create The Love and the new App, Mine’d.

Ending a relationship can feel like the end of the world, and in many ways, you are grieving a loss. Marks walks through how to not only grieve a relationship but also, how to use the past relationship as a tool for your own growth. If you find you often change who you are within a relationship, Mark shares where the line gets crossed between compromising and self-abandonment and how to make sure you stay on the right side moving forward.

Often times a relationship ending is not a quick shift. On the episode, Ash and Mark talk through how to manage an ex when they are close to your friends and family, whether or not you can become friends down the road, and even get into specifics on handling social media after things end.  Whether you are single, mingling, or lockdown, this episode is juicy, it’s deep and it’s worth a listen!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. How to grieve a relationship and actually move on.
  2. Tips on keeping a healthy relationship alive.
  3. The single most important thing to focus on after a relationship ends.
  4. How to manage social media post-breakup.



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Where You Can Find Mark Groves:

Create The Love Podcast

IG: @doyoumined & @createthelove

Mine’d Self Help Motivation App



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