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How To Manage Stress without Self Sabotage With Dr. Sanam Shamtobi

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This week, Ash talks to Dr. Sanam Shamtobi, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and a deep focus on anxiety and relationships. Dr. Sanam is here to share how to manage stress in your life, without self-sabotage.

When life corners you, it can be hard to break free. Dr. Sanam offers actionable advice on how to upgrade the narrative in your head, and navigate the good in your life while withstanding the pain of experiences. Consider a time in the last week when you felt anxiety or stress. In this episode, Snama and Ash walk through a process to uncover a limiting belief and move beyond it.


Whether you have been struggling to manage your stress levels or are stuck in a relationship rut, there is something in this episode for you. Don’t miss out!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What cognitive behavioral therapy is, and other therapy modalities.
  • Practices to identify your  inner narrative
  • How to tolerate stress without self-sabotage
  • Steps to shift through a limiting belief
  • STOP: stop, observe, perceive


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