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How to Navigate Sex and Intimacy with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

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This week, Ash brings onto the show Dr. Alexandra Solmon. Dr. Solomon is a couples therapist, professor, author, and podcast host of the show Reimagining love. She is considered one of today’s most trusted voices on relationships and is here to share tools and tips to navigate sex and intimacy in your relationship.

If you are feeling frustrated about not orgasming during sex or feeling defeated about how to connect more deeply during intimacy, Dr. Solomon offers incredible insight into how to improve your sex life. But it isn’t all about sex…Dr. Solomon and Ash dive into tools to reconstruct your relationship, navigate dating and what to do if you are ready for the next step, but your partner isnt.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What it takes to have good sex.
  • Causes of fake orgasms, the orgasm gap, and how to ask for what we want.
  • How to incorporate more foreplay into your intimacy.
  • Tools to reimagine and reconstruct your relationship.
  • How to navigate the uncertainty of love and a timing discrepancy.


Where to Connect with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Tune in to her podcast Reimagining Love


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