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How To Network and Build a Brand with Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield

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Welcome to the New Year of You Turn!

Kicking off 2023, Ash sits down with two powerhouse people: Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield. Jen is the co-founder, Chief Mindset Officer for Super Connector Media and a prior VH1 host, broadway actress. Chris Winfield is the founder of Unfair Advantage,  a columnist for Entrepreneur and INC., and known as The Super Connector. Jen and Chris are here to share how to build a brand and a community that inspires you daily.

Whether you are in a corporate role or building a business on your own, your personal brand matters. In this episode, Jen and Chris share tactical tips on building your brand and creating a powerful online presence.

Branding and networking aren’t only online. Networking truly is a way of life, and Jen, Chris, and Ash discuss how to incorporate connection seamlessly into your life. This episode is packed with value, filled with tools to change your life, and wrapped up in playful inspiration. Don’t miss this!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate networking, people, and building relationships.
  • Tips for getting started with building a brand.
  • How to release the idea of perfection and step into action.
  • Tools to tap into consistency and execute towards your goals each day.
  • Tactics for using social media platforms for exposure and connection.
  • Tips for networking in real life as an introvert.


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