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How To Open Your Heart? w/ Jessica Winterstern

Do you find yourself closed off to others, or with yourself?

This week Ash speaks with Jessica Winterstern, a highly sought after life coach who guides women into empowerment and rebuilding confidence. She is here to talk all about how to open your heart in life and in love.

Relationships are a complicated aspect of life to navigate.  In order to do so with ease, it all starts with the relationship you hold with yourself. Jessica shares some powerful tools and modalities to connect more with your heart and the sensual side of yourself.

For all the boss babes out there who navigate a large part of their day in masculine energy, be sure to listen in and learn how to manage both your feminine and masculine energy with your partner and your work. It is possible to find strength in femininity, and Jessica is here to show you how.  Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash!  This is one of her favorite topics to dive into and you don’t want to miss her added message.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Three stages of love.
  2. How to navigate feminine and masculine energy within yourself and your partner.
  3. Tools to connect to your heart and know what you want.
  4. How to step into a state of empowerment.


Where You Can Find Jessica Winterstern:




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