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How to Open Yourself Up to Real Love w/ Jamie Rea

Are you in a relationship that is healing your wounds, or amplifying them?

Join Ash this week as she talks with Jamie Rae, a relationship coach and co-host of the podcast The Power Couple to work through how to remove past wounding and open yourself up to real love.

Jamie entered the coaching space after his own experiences drove him to not only change the relationships in his life, but to help others do the same.  He begins by breaking down how to remove that social media fantasy we all see and actually step into living a real dream life with someone you love.  There are two key things you must do and be in a relationships in order for it to succeed.  Jamie uses his humor to really make sure you never forget what they are!

Do you find yourself, or maybe see a friend in a constant state of processing within their relationship?  That idea of one emotional wound, fight, or experience after another to work through becomes exhausting and can become unhealthy. Jamie shares one powerful practice you need to prioritize in your relationship, especially when things are always heavy, and trust that it is fun!

Jame poses the question: What is one thing you always wanted from your parents but never got?  Listen in to learn how your answer is impacting your romantic life and steps to use this insight for attracting healthier relationships.  Don’t forget to stick around for Ash post-episode notes where she walks through noticing discomfort in relationships and how to move through them with grace.



Loving What Is by Byron Katie


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

1. The difference between a heartmate and woundmate
2. How unconditional love actually looks
3. What keeps you from stepping into the right relationships


Where You Can Find Jamie Rea:

Instagram: @jamie.n.rea


Podcast: The Power Couple on iTunes and Spotify



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