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How To Prepare For The Future Of The Workforce w/ Sara Sutton

Are you worried your job might be replaced by a robot?

Join Ash this week to talk with Sara Sutton, the CEO, and founder of FlexJobs, a platform for finding remote and flexible work, to talk all about the future of the workforce and how to stay relevant.  Whether you are in the job you love or are currently hunting for a new job you need to listen in for insight into what is to come with your career and the workforce in general.

Becoming an entrepreneur in her early 20’s, Sara has seen quite a bit of change in the past few decades around the internet, online jobs and the workforce in general. She shares her journey of starting businesses and offers actionable tips for building your first business online.  There is one thing that will help skyrocket your business to success, listen in the hear what that is!

With job demands shifting as technology becomes more advanced Sara and Ash talk through the value of soft skills and which ones they deem as most important for the future. These focal points could be great for helping you in an interview and in positioning yourself for the next level of your career.

With the growth of technology and communication tools, distraction is everywhere.  Whether you work in an office or remotely at home, it has become increasingly more difficult to disconnect and spend time focused on getting work done. Sara shares tips to disconnect and how to create a work environment that reduces anxiety from distractions and encourages creativity. As always, don’t forget to stick around for the value-packed post-episode notes with Ash!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. What soft skills you need to build for your career security.
  2. Tips to set clear boundaries between work technology and your personal life.
  3. Ways to build a company culture with remote workers.
  4. What jobs may disappear in the near future, and what careers are going to grow.



Start with Why by Simon Sinek


Where You Can Find Sara Sutton:

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