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How to Think and Communicate Like a Queen w/ Gina DeVee

Do you feel worthy of what you want?

This week Ash talks with Gina DeVee, an author, speaker and success coach to share exactly how to think and communicate like a queen. And when it comes to being a queen, it’s all about stepping into a position of worthiness to fulfill your purpose.

A queen is a woman who stands in her strengths and knows what she wants. If this sounds like the energy you want to embody, be sure to listen in! This episode is jam-packed with actionable advice and valuable words of wisdom to reach your highest potential.

Gina shares her journey into empowerment and starts off by revealing the value of having a healthy relationship with money and finances. Gine walks through how to forgive others and yourself, connect with your intuition, and release past traumas that limit your growth.

Stepping into being a queen looks like having a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy. Gina and Ash walk through indicators of whether you live in a state of feminine or masculine and how to course-correct if you feel like things are not in the balance you want.

If you struggle to make decisions and feel overwhelmed with indecision, Gina shares a stark reality about the decision to be indecisive and reveals how to make the right decisions from a place of power and grace.

Communication is a non-negotiable in building a successful life, Gina walks through very specific tips for how to stand out during an interview or potential opportunity for growth.  Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash!



The Audacity To Be Queen by Gina DeVee


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What being a queen really means.
Indicators of living from a place of feminine and masculine energy.
How to connect with your intuition to make powerful decisions.
Communication tactics to get you the job, and life, you want.


Where You Can Find Gina DeVee:



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