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How To Turn Facebook Groups Into Clients w/ Libby Crow

This week is a treat!  Ash sits down with Libby Crow, an entrepreneur, blogger, and all-around content conversion fairy, to learn how to create leads and close sales.  Libby reveals her top two favorite ways to get leads and the one place where 75% of her sales come from.

The juice of this podcast lies in Libby sharing her golden ticket process to make a call to action invitation successful.  Want to get over the small number phobia of your media?  Libby and Ash breakdown their strategies to success, and reveal how to driving traffic from an authentic and organic place, without burning out.  Don’t forget to stick around for Ash’s post-episode notes!


In this Episode, Learn How To:

1. Start a Facebook group that will turn into a business.

2. Overcome entrepreneurial

3. Create a call to action that is authentic and successful.


Where to Find Libby Crow:

Instagram: @libbycrow

Podcast: Behind The Dream



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