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How To Turn Your Art Into A Business with Miriam Schulman

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This week, Ash talks with Mariam Shulman, an artist, and founder of the Inspiration Place, helping other artists profit from their passion and become better artists. Mariam is also the author of the brand new book Artprenuer. She is here to share how to bring your art into the world.


Mariam and Ash talk all things art: how to bring your art into the world, elevate awareness around your art and tune in to your artistic self. Whether you are looking to create an Etsy store or bring art into your corporate career, Mariam walks through actionable steps on how to bring your artistic visions to life. Tune in to learn how to get out of being stuck in the “how” of creating art.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  1. Mindset check in’s to help you rethink your artistic career
  2. How to get started at bringing your art into the world
  3. Tools to embrace your artistic self and your own voice
  4. Actionable steps to build a business rooted in art
  5. How to nurture an email list for business success


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