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How to Turn your Ideas into Reality w/ Lori Harder

How often have you thought, “This is the best idea ever!” but never do anything about it?

Join Ash this week while she talks with Lori Harder, an author, speaker and host of the Bring Your Happy podcast to learn how to turn your fabulous ideas into reality.

One of the hardest steps to build the life you want is making the decision around which idea, which dream, to focus on.   Listen in as Lori shares her personal journey of making her dreams of becoming a successful creator and connector a reality.  One key element to decide which idea to even start with is to build self-awareness.  Lori and Ash break down habits and tips to build this skill and help you step into a confident path.

Lori shares her thoughts on consuming information, how to manage money during a career transition and the single more important thing you must do to make real change.  Following a dream in your career means you will need to reach out and meet new people.  Stick around for the post-episode notes where Ash shares a clever idea about how to create community and really start fostering strong relationships to build your dreams.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The power behind deadlines and why you need them.

How to manage transitioning from one career to another.

What visualization can do to make your dream a reality.



A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder


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Bring Your Happy Podcast



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