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How to Understand What You Want in Your Love Life w/ Evin Rose

What is the one thing missing from your love life that you are afraid to ask for?

Join Ash this week for a conversation with Evin Rose, a passionate dating and love life coach for young woman.  Learn all about how to understand what do you really want in your love life and how to ask for it.  Listen in to learn a powerful 4 step process to ask for what you want.

You may be thriving in your work life, but you aren’t empowered in your relationships and who you are attracting.  Evin breaks down why this is and how to break free from the limitations you set on love and attract the right partner into your life.

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship knowing what you want from a relationship is key to long term success.  You may be convincing yourself that what you have now is enough, but if you look deeper the truth may say something else.  Learn how to listen to your truth and what steps to take to improve your relationship or make space for the right one.

Evin shares one question to ask yourself that will help you understand where your boundaries are.  When it comes to setting boundaries, communication is a key component.  Listen in to learn the best phrases and a step-by-step process to spark a difficult conversation.  Stay tuned for post-episode notes with Ash where she talks all things inspiration and how it connects with love and relationships.


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

The difference between boundaries and barriers.

Communication steps to ask for what you want.

How to choose love from desire, not fear.


Where to find Evin Rose:

Instagram: @evinrose

Facebook Community: Empowered Dating with Evin Rose



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