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How To Use Preventative Medicine To Save Your Life with Andrew Lacy

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This week, Ash talks with Andrew Lacy, the CEO of Prenuvo, a revolutionary health-tech company specializing in advanced comprehensive whole-body scans.

Andrew explains his journey from a successful tech entrepreneur to a health-tech pioneer, motivated by a personal health scare and a desire for others to experience the peace of mind he gained from proactive health scans.

Andrew and Ash walk through the process of a Prenuvo scan, discussing the wide range of health conditions it can detect, from cancers to inflammation to structural issues with the spine. Whether you are looking for guidance on preventing serious illnesses or tips on how ot lead a healthier life, this episode is for you!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The current state of healthcare and Prenuvo’s role in your health.
  • Cancer detection testing- what to know and do.
  • The role of inflammation on disease.
  • Insight on illnesses like PCOS, cancer, lung health, and spine care.
  • How to take care of your colon and why colon health is important to understand.


Visit for $300 off your scan.

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