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How to Work Smarter w/ David Finkel

Is your career running your life, or are you running your career?

Listen in this week while Ash talks with David Finkel about productivity and how to start working more strategically in the workplace.  David is a business owner, coach and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author filled with knowledge to share.  They walk through changing 5 areas within your career to reach productivity and success in a sustainable way.

Right out of the gate, David shares a powerful tip on how to build a schedule to drive improvements in your life today.

You have likely heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder” but then wonder, how to actually do it.  David breaks down actionable steps to work smarter and create value in the face of high standards and the overbearing demands in today’s workplace. Part of working smarter is learning how to manage yourself.  David and Ash work through how to take control of not only your job but also yourself.

It doesn’t stop there, once you understand how to make yourself work smarter it’s time to spread this around.  Manage a team of employees?  Not everyone can, nor should be, lead the exact same way.  Listen in to capture tools to set yourself and your team up for success.  A large part of this is understanding what individuals really want, and hint: it’s more than the number on their paycheck.  Don’t forget to stick around for post-episode notes with Ash to learn all about your zone of genius!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. What a focus day and a push day are, and how to use them in your job.
  2. When you should and should not use email.
  3. How to better understand the team you lead or are a part of.
  4. How to stay relevant in the adapting workplace.



The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life by David Finkel


Where To Find David Finkel:

www.freedomtoolkit.comlisten on apple      listen on android

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