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Prenups: What You Need To Know w/ Susan Guthrie

Have you talked to your partner about your views on money?

Join Ash this week for a unique relationship topic: prenuptial’s. Ash sits down with Susan Guthrie, a lawyer, and expert on divorce and family law to discuss what a prenuptial is and whether you need one or not.

In the last few decades relationships have expanded beyond traditional ideals.  The data is in, and the marriage rates are going down. And with this decline, comes an increase in cohabitation before marriage and unwed parenting. Ash and Susan talk through the culture changed of today and what that means for building a lasting relationship.

With people waiting till later in life to get married, more complexity is naturally introduced as a couple enters into marriage. More people are entering into prenuptial and need to have a full understanding of what all that entails. Susan shares what is included in a prenuptial and when you should have the conversation.

The reality is, a marriage is a legal transition in your life on top of a personal relationship change. Regardless of your professional and financial standing, listen in to hear Susan’s examples of what this joint entity means moving forward.

Divorce is something that still happens, Susan gives her inside views on what often leads to divorce. Listen in the hear the indicators of an unraveling relationship and the single most common reason why relationships move further and further apart.

Don’t worry, a prenuptial isn’t all scary and bad, it opens the doors to have powerful conversations about your relationship and how to grow closer together. Susan talks through how to have this conversation and what topics to work through.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. The benefits of a prenuptial.
  2. How to have a conversation with your partner about money.
  3. The balance between a spender and a saver in relationships.
  4. Trends that cause divorce.


Where You Can Find: Susan Guthrie:

Podcast: Divorce and Beyond



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