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Mold 101: What Mold Is, Where It Is and How To Heal with Mike Rubino

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Are you often tired, but don’t know why?

Step into caring about your wellness today to learn about a niche, yet vital aspect of health: mold exposure.

Ash brings on mold expert, Mike Rubino to discuss mold-related illnesses, where they exist, and how to recover from mold exposure. Mike shares various ways you can tell if your home or workplace is impacted by mold, what to do if you discover mold in your home, and ways to protect yourself from it moving forward.

If you suffer from brain fog, exhaustion, or allergy-related symptoms, you might be affected by mold. Tune in for this informative episode that will uplevel your wellness today!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify if there is mold in your home.
  • How mold grows and ways to remove it.
  • Foods that are more susceptible to mold, and how to tell if you shouldn’t eat them.
  • Symptoms of mold in your body.


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