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Navigating ADHD In Relationships with Melissa Orlov

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This week, Ash sits down with Melissa Orlov, a top expert in how ADHD affects relationships, the lead consultant for ADHD & Marriage Consulting, and an award-winning author of the book The Couples Guide to Thriving with ADHD.

ADHD can have profound impacts on how a person, or a couple, navigates the world, from time management to communication and keeping up with important dates and events. But ADHD is not a flaw, it is a different way of processing the world.

Tune in to learn from Melissa and Ash how to navigate relationships with ADHD, connect and communicate through challenging times and understand the diagnosis process.

Whether you are dating someone with ADHD, have ADHD yourself, or are looking for ways to navigate challenging dynamics within a relationship, this episode has something for you.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Symptoms of ADHD and the three subtypes of ADHD.
  • How to effectively communicate with a partner with ADHD and build a strong relationship.
  • What ADHD actually is and how to address challenging symptoms like emotional control.
  • Substances, medications, and naturopathic pathways to manage ADHD.

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