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New Year, New You: A Financial Wellness Tune-Up with Sallie Krawcheck

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How often do you look at your finances?

This week, Ash has a unique conversation about finances with Sallie Krawcheck, the CEO of Ellevest a financial platform created by women, for women.

This is a finance episode beyond a money mindset, Sallie and Ash cover how to make sure you are financially well, tips to overcome the confidence gap and explore the impact of COVID on the future of your finances and career.

Whether you are walking into the New Year ready to grow your finances and investments or you are looking for ways to improve your finances and start saving, the insight in this conversation is a must-listen!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to balance living well and living financially healthy.
  • Ways to see money in abundance instead of scarcity.
  • Steps to building a financial plan for your current state and future state of living.
  • The value of discussing money, and how to have conversations about your finances.
  • Bitcoin and the future of investing.


Where You Can Find Sallie Krawcheck:




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