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On Writing + The Creative Process with Diana Hawk

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How creative do you think you are?

This week, Ash talks with Diana Hawk, an author, novelist and creative professional, to discuss how to become more creative, especially as a writer.

The creative process is something we all experience, whether you are writing a book, putting together a work presentation, or coming up with a solution to a big product issue…creativity lives in everything we touch.

In this episode, Diana and Ash discuss how to be a more effective communicator and an  inspired creator. If you are missing your creative edge or looking for a way to grow in your worklife…this episode has something special for you. Don’t miss this!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to create community and connection.
  • Tools to establish your own creative process for optimal creativity and flow.
  • How to use comparison for insight, creativity, and understanding yourself better.
  • The steps to self-publishing a book and why this may be your best route.


Where to Connect with Diana Hawk:

Get Her Book: As Beautiful As It Seems by Diana Hawk





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