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Optimize Your Health and Heal Digestion with Wade Lightheart

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How healthy do you think you are?

This week author, athlete, nutritionist, an expert on fixing digestion, and the Co-Founder and President of BiOptimizers, a health and performance optimization company. Wade is here to share insight into how to improve your digestion and optimize your health.

With the growth of comparison through social media, people are focused deeply on aesthetic health, but this focus can lead to being internally unhealthy. Wade shares how he shifted his intention from being visually fit to being truly healthy. Tune in to learn insight and how to get the most traction on your health, within the time and resources you have.

Wade is a wealth of knowledge and shares how to use supplements to your advantage, improve your digestion and optimize your daily living.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between a cosmetic vision of health and true health.
  • The Awesome Health philosophy.
  • What 5 stages of digestion.
  • The ONE thing you can do to improve your digestion.
  • Why the products you use might not be helping your digestion and wellness.
  • The power of magnesium for sleep, digestion, and overall health.


Your Bodies Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj


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