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Preventative Aging Treatments 101 with Dr. Lanna Cheuck

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What are you doing for your aging process?

This week, Ash steps into the wellness world with Dr. Lanna Cheuck, a Celebrity Surgeon, Master trainer, and CEO of LC Medical Spa to discuss preventative aging treatments and how to age with grace and ease.

Dr. Lanna shares the medical history of botox, what it is composed of and whether it is dangerous for your body. If you have been questioning getting botox, fillers, vampire facials, or any other med spa treatment, here is where all of your answers can be answered by a medical professional.

Ash and Dr. Lanna talk through the rejuvenation options available, what budget you may need, and what they are best for. If aging and the idea of trying a rejuvenating procedure are on the forefront of your mind, this episode is a must-listen!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The truths behind botox and fillers– what they are made of, the side effects, and the health benefits of these components.
  • How to properly vet a medical spa and receive quality support.
  • How to navigate a career shift.
  • When to get liquid facelifts, vampire facials, and RPR injections.


Where You Can Find Dr. Lanna Cheuck

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