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Releasing Trauma and Shifting Into Motion with Erin Pheil

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This week, Ash talks with Erin Phiel all about how to release trauma and shift into motion…for good. Erin is The founder of Mindfix, an organization focused on alleviating the self-sabotage in our minds. She is also an EO Global Certified Speaker, and international speaker on rapid transformation and human behavior.

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a thought loop of negative thoughts? Or is there something you’ve always wanted to do but just keep procrastinating? Erin walks through a three-step process of uncovering what is holding you back and how to break free.

If you’ve been struggling to take action in life or want to shift the mental chatter in your mind, this episode has actionable insights and valuable tips to make a change, right NOW. Don’t miss this!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between focusing on issues at the conscious and subconscious levels.
  • The power of past experiences that keep you trapped in life.
  • How to turn off the loop playing over and over in your mind that is holding you back.
  • Simple 3-step process to uncover what limiting beliefs are holding you back.
  • The difference between coping with your issues and changing them.


Connect with Erin Pheil:


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