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Steps To Becoming a Professional Speaker w/ Sarah Pendrick

Have you dreamed of hosting a live event to share a powerful message with people you care about?

Join Ash this week in talking with Sarah Pendrick, a host on, international Speaker, and recent award winner from the UN for Empowering Women.  She is the founder of GirlTalk Network, an organization grounded in leading women to support one another.  Listen in to learn how to become a professional speaker and grow a platform to share your unique message.

A great deal of what holds people back from taking large leaps is the fear of saying no.  Sarah invites you to question what the word no means to you and why you have a hard time saying it.  Putting on an event can be a scary feeling, Sarah walks through the entire process and is walking proof that you don’t need thousands of followers to sell out your event.

Sarah shares her story and the role that other women have played in her journey to connect and empower women all over the world.  A great deal of her success is attributed to making major mindset shifts and managing the stories she once told herself.  Learn how she made these changes and how you can do the same.  Don’t forget to stick around for post-episode notes with Ash, she shares a powerful question to ask yourself that will guide you to connect with your true self.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

How to step out of your fear and share your message.
Ways to authentically connect with others through social media.
Steps to take to set up your live event.
The power behind sponsors and how to get them involved in your cause.


Where You Can Find Sarah Pendrick:

Instagram: @sarahpendrick



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