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The 12 Coping Styles You Learned As a Child and How To Heal From Them with Dr. Sam Rader

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How do you cope with challenging times?

This week Ash sits down with psychologist Dr. Sam Rader to discuss the distinct ways we manage challenges in life, and what that really means. Dr. Sam is the owner and director at the Source Code Center where she guides a team of Source Code Conduits, who hold space for people to shed their defenses and step into wholeness.

Source Code is the practice of identifying the unconscious algorithms behind our negative patterns and rewriting them for a healthier, more beautiful life. Sounds great right? Well in this episode Dr. Sam breaks down the various ways we cope, what that means for living an abundant life and how to heal from struggles for good.

Do you know someone who is extremely flighty- always on the go or perhaps jumping ship when something challenging happens? Or are you someone who always has life put together, never showing faults or vulnerability? These are all coping styles and impact life in vast ways. Tune in to learn how to cope with these responses and how to use them to your best potential.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What the 12 different coping styles are and how they show up in your life.
  • The four sub-types of being disconnected.
  • Tools to identify when you are copying and how to step into abundance.
  • How your childhood can impact and determine your coping mechanisms.


Where To Connect with Dr. Sam Rader

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