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Tips To Stop Playing Small w/ Nicole Nowparvar

On a scale of one to ten, how satisfied are you with where you are in life today?

This week Ash brings onto the show renowned psychotherapist, Nicole Nowparvar, to talk about how to stop playing life small. Nicole shares her knowledge from years of experience in private therapy and coaching to breakdown how to step into greatness.

Your life potential is greatly impacted by the people in your community. Nicole shares her personal experience of ending an engagement just one month before her wedding and how her community has impacted her life.

Relationships either lift you up or hold you down. If you think you may be in a codependent relationship, Nicole talks through indicators of what this may look like and how you can make changes to heal the relationship or leave it. Codependency has been found to be connected to depressions and low self- awareness.  Listen in to learn about the connection between codependency and depression, and how to identify your needs.

Whispers may be filling your mind telling you to leave a relationship, job, or path in your life.  It is isn’t everything you want, but you don’t know what to do. Nicole and Ash provide actionable steps to better listen to these signs and how to step into fully trusting your intuition.

Taking action to step into your power and light will cause changes to occur in your life. Setting boundaries, grieving losses and letting go are all things to be prepared for.  Don’t worry, Nicole prepares you for all of this and shows you how to have fun along the way. Be sure to stick around for the post episode notes where Ash dives into learning how to deeply know yourself.  You won’t want to miss this!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Indicators of codependency.
Tips to stop playing small and step into your power.
An exercise to grieve an ended relationship.
The power slowing down has on accelerating your movement forward.


Where You Can Find Nichole Nowparvar:

Instagram: @therapybynichole



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