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Understanding Your Human Design w/ Erin Claire Jones

Do you wonder where your innate strengths come from?

This week, Ash talks with Erin Claire Jones, a leadership coach and specialist in all things human design.

Erin walks through the 5 types of human design and shares both the strengths and shadows that lie within each. If you love identifying your personality type or simply want to explore your personal development deeper, listen in!

The power of understanding your human design lives within learning how you can use your innate presence to step into greatness, each design does so in different ways.

This episode is filled with insight on how to navigate communication, improve relationships, and pursue your career goals in a way that is most aligned with your natural state of being.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 types within the human design.
  • How your design is identified and what it means about your personality.
  • How to make decisions based on your human design.
  • Tools to better connect and communicate with those around you based on their human design.


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