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Ways To Get Through Hard Times With Niyc Pidgeon

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How do you manage painful moments?

Ash brings on her dear friend Niyc Pidgeon onto the show. Niyc is a positive psychologist, author, and business coach who developed a program for entrepreneurs to develop unstoppable success.

This conversation is filled with vulnerable stories and truths shared between Niyc and Ash. If you have ever struggled through loss, depression, or being in a state of numbness…this episode is here to be with you.

During challenging times it can be easy to feel lost from yourself and out of control. Niyc talks through practices that will emotionally connect you to yourself, your desired future, and feel calm despite the turbulence outside. Sit down with your favorite calming beverage and a notebook and enjoy a sense of hope from this episode!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Tools to move back into resilience after loss and grief.
  • The theory of suicide contagion and what it is doing in society.
  • Prompts to opening conversations with those who are emotionally struggling.
  • The practice of stretching happiness.


Where You Can Find Niyc Pidgeon


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Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl




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