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Remote-friendly Fortune 500 companies

7 Remote-Friendly Fortune 500 Companies Hiring

For years, managers maligned remote work. To them an unwatched worker was a non-working worker. They doubted anyone could be as productive at home as they were at the office. After all, what would stop them from killing time watching TikToks, napping, or shopping? Then 2020’s abrupt lockdowns provided a real-world experiment. Despite record levels of anxiety, newly remote workers overcame the challenges of ad hoc home offices and online learning children. They were actually more productive than they’d been in the office. Just as importantly, many reported being happier. Remote workers had traded a punishing commute and office distractions for freedom, flexibility, and family time. They discovered what longtime remote workers had been saying for years –– being away from the office reduced their stress levels.


Many companies have embraced this shift away from the office. Others remain resistant. While co-working spaces can offer the best of both worlds, the head of one such company WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani believes that the most engaged employees want to be in the office the majority of the time. “Those who are least engaged are very comfortable working from home,” he explains, adding “People are happier when they come to work.” If your company shares that philosophy but you want to stay remote, it may be time to look for a new job. The good news it there are plenty of top companies that offer work from home options. Here are seven remote-friendly Fortune 500 companies


  1. Salesforce In 2021 the company reinforced its commitment to letting many of its workers remain “remote forever.” That means that there are plenty of work from home positions in the cloud-based software company.
  2. Although there are many in-person jobs at Wells Fargo many of the jobs at the bank like processing mortgages or customer services are fully remote.
  3. Another option you may not have thought of is Amazon. While it has a huge workforce of warehouse workers and drivers, the online retailer is one of many remote-friendly Fortune 500 companies. It offers professionals remote working options like Life Sciences Business Development or as a program manager. 
  4. Although Apple CEO Tim Cook famously sent out an email requiring most workers to be back in the office three-days a week, that was rescinded as the Delta variant picked up steam in the summer of 2021. Regardless of future office requirements, if you love the company’s products and are able to guide others then you could become an “At Home Advisor”. You’ll be answering a wide variety of tech inquiries. 
  5. North America’s largest pharmaceutical distributor, the McKesson Corporation offers a wide variety of remote jobs in everything from business analysis to nursing.
  6. Cisco The almost forty-year old tech firm has shifted many of its jobs from in-office to remote including careers in management and engineering. 
  7. And while some tech firms are pushing employees to come back to the office, Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell told CNN that, “Remote working is absolutely here to stay,” adding, “Would you rather be forced to work in the office every day or have the option of remote or hybrid working? This is not really a hard test.” Dell Technologies offers tons of remote jobs for professionals including opportunities as a management consultant.  


The bottom line is that if you feel more productive and joyful working from home then you should focus on pursuing remote opportunities. After all, you’ve earned the right to be happy!


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