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Social media recruiting strategy

Social Media Recruiting Strategy | What You Must Know

Social media platforms are being used by recruiters and employers as talent databases. Using this strategy, recruiters are able to find the best person for the open role – even if the best person is not looking for a new job. 

The advantage of using social media is that recruiters are able to directly connect with candidates. They are able to engage with candidates on a more personal level through shared passions, ideals, or networks. This allows employers to find candidates that will fit into the company culture, something that traditional forms of recruitment cannot do. 

The importance of understanding how social media recruiting strategy works is so that you can present you best foot forward – even if you’re not actively looking. Not only will this help build your professional network, but it will open doors for you through passive recruitment techniques. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Engagement is key. Just having a social media account will not get you a job. You need to actively engage in the following ways: 

  • Post your achievements, awards, and accolades. 
  • Keep your profile up to date. 
  • Monitor the latest trends in your industry. 
  • Engage in a meaningful way in the conversation. 

Keep your professional branding style in mind when you engage. You don’t want to show varied personality types depending on the platform you’re using. Along those lines, I also recommend that you use the same profile picture for all of your platforms, especially if you are in the market for a new position.

LinkedIn is the top social platform for finding a job. More than 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find employees. Recruiters are using LinkedIn to actively and passively find candidates. Second to LinkedIn is Facebook (55%) and Twitter (47%). Your LinkedIn profile must always be up to date. Use this platform to showcase what things you and your accomplishments are. 

When someone engages with you on LinkedIn (or any platform for that matter), be professional. Always respond. Remember to stay on brand. Use social platforms to showcase your ability to communicate effectively. 

Recruiters use social media to actively “pluck” candidates. This is known as passive recruiting. According to a SHRM study, 82% of HR professionals use social media as a passive recruitment tool. Passive recruiting is the best way for employers to find top talent especially in niche industries.

Recruiters are using LinkedIn to learn more about you as a professional. Your profile gives them information about your training, experience, and accomplishments. Other platforms are also used to learn as much as possible about you as a candidate. 

  • Twitter is used to engage, find out about your interests and what you value. 
  • Facebook is used to see how you respond to strangers, friends, and family. Facebook is where recruiters go to learn about the more personal side of you – the soft skills like communication, listening, and compassion. 
  • Pinterest and Instagram are perused to get a sense of how you use your free time. 

These are the platforms that let recruiters know if you’ll fit into the company culture – are your extracurriculars a match?

Understanding social media recruiting strategies will help you position yourself for being passively recruited for positions that will never be advertised. Keep your social networks working for you by completing an annual social audit. Update all of your channels with an eye towards consistency. Be meticulous about what you “like” and the comments you make. Remember, once it goes online it is online forever. 

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