Capture your spot on the stage and transform the lives of millions.

“They’re gifted writers who were able to take my book and help me distill it down into a powerful talk that’s just exactly what I wanted it to be. Not only that, but they got me booked for a TEDx talk so quickly — I think it was a matter of weeks.”

Stephanie May Wilson

Nashville, TN

What if you could craft a speech that, in the span of 10 – 19 minutes, perfectly captures your message, creates a movement, and changes the lives of millions?

We’ve been lied to… We were told only experts and famous people win big speaking engagements.
But that’s just a myth!

Let this be the year you step onto the big red dot to amplify your authority, crystallize your message, create exponential opportunities, and leave a legacy in your personal brand.

The TEDx brand is so powerful — what started as 800 people attending one live TED talk a year has grown to more than 13,000 independently run TEDx events in more than 150 countries and spoken in 100 languages.

More than a million people a day watch TED and TEDx talks online. The TED and TEDx channels have tens of millions subscribers, presenting you with an unmatched opportunity for massive exposure when your talk gets released on their channel.

Giving a TEDx talk simply gives you the best shot possible of catapulting yourself forward in ways you never thought possible.

What’s included in The Talk Program?

Working with us starts at $30,000… We’re not cheap, but we are the best.

The Silver TEDx Experience

Write + Book Your Talk 

Over 4 zoom calls, we’ll extract all the information and magic inside of you and turn it into a speech outline. Between calls, we’ll write your TEDx talk script, and once that’s complete, we’ll get you booked for a date on stage.

The 4 zoom calls are for speechwriting– and we do those over 2 months to keep our creative momentum! The booking piece is completely done on our time, and without anything needed from you. The fastest we’ve ever booked a client is in 6 weeks after completing their speech draft, and the slowest has been over 20 months.

The Gold TEDx Experience

Write + Book Your Talk + Create Your PowerPoint Slides + Researched Title Suggestions + Speaking Coaching 

In addition to all you get in tier 1, we’ll make you a psychology-backed, strategic PowerPoint deck to go with your talk, and we’ll write your bio that goes beneath your YouTube clip so that you can optimize the opportunities you attract after TEDx!

We’ll also provide up to 10 title suggestions for your talk that are SEO and research-backed to optimize virality.

And of course, we’ll set you up for a full coaching experience with our speaking coach to make sure your stage presence and delivery is beyond perfect for the day of your talk.

The Platinum TEDx Experience

Write + Book Your Talk + Create Your PowerPoint Slides + Researched Title Suggestions + Speaking Coaching + Speaking Reel + Upgrade to Craft Your Keynote Speech 

We provide everything you’ll receive in the Tier 2 gold package, plus we’ll make a 90 second speaking reel of your talk once it’s out and we’ll upgrade your talk into a 40 minute keynote speech.

In order to give you the best speaking reel possible, we’ll provide you with a publicist for three months to ensure you have enough media clips for us to put on your reel… And in order to write your keynote, we’ll schedule 3-5 more zoom calls with you and our speechwriting team to make sure we can alchemize the rest of your beautiful brain!

What happens in our speechwriting Zoom calls?

A lot of clients are impressed that we can create so much inspirational storytelling with so little of their time! SO we’re glad you asked!

Here’s how your two month writing process looks with us:

In this call, we work with you to brainstorm your ideal topic, and we pull as much content out of you as we can so that we can organize your thinking into a speech outline that’s moving, original, and compelling.

In this call, we present you with a partial draft of your TEDx in order for our speechwriters to further calibrate with your thinking and energy. We take your feedback on what we’d need to modify after our meeting, and we further cement the direction and outline of your talk, now that we’ve spent real time with you.

In this call, you’ll see your rough draft! We welcome feedback, edits and modifications as needed so that we can walk away from the call with even more clarity on what needs fine tuning and changes. We’re proud to admit that these calls tend to go very well for us, as we’re incredibly proud of our writing and storytelling capabilities.

In this call, we’ll go through your final draft, get your final sign off on the work, and prepare it for our booking team. 

While we absolutely adore TEDx and all their successes, we want you to know that “TED” and “TEDx” are trademarks of TED Conferences LLC. Wise Whisper LLC is totally independent and not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC or its affiliates.

Here are some of the most most common myths that change makers believe when it comes to becoming a speaker…

And yet, my team thus far has placed more than 100 clients on the TEDx stage with a 98% success rate in getting our clients booked.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:
Landing a TEDx talk and having it go VIRAL may not seem easy, but it is simple: You simply write the best speech of your life.

The good news is that this is what me and my speechwriting team do best.

I got my feet wet learning best practices in speaking while working for the Obama administration and now I’m going to pass that expertise along to you.

My team and I have written speeches that went viral, recorded millions of views, landed book deals, established entire brands, and created movements.

Best of all: We have our speechwriting framework down to a science.

The potent speeches we write alongside our clients have easily inspired more than 100 TEDx curators to say yes to having our client on stage with a 98% success rate of getting them booked.

While we are not associated as an agency with any service marks of the TEDx brand, we have found what we love about the brand is that it seems like it’s a democracy that. 

TEDx wasn’t established for famous people – it was created for everyday people who have stories, and that is something we love to alchemize.

In fact, many clients have used their TEDx as a launchpad for a career pivot, knowing that their past isn’t synced up exactly with where they’re headed in the future, and the TEDx brand can help elevate them in their new direction!

With all of this said, we’ve learned that landing a TEDx talk is about knowing how to share a powerful, life changing story — not your resume.

Our speechwriting team and coaches work to pull magic out of each and every client to ensure that their stories are poetic, relevant, original, authoritative and research-backed.

Some clients have come in wondering if their stories are “enough,”  but our talented speechwriting team knows that we can make art out of everyday life. We do not need wild and crazy stories from your life to write a talk that moves millions.

Our founder Ashley Stahl’s first ever TEDx talk in 2014 happened to also be her first speaking engagement of her life. That’s right. She’d never spoken to an audience before– unless you’d consider her family members at Sunday dinner to be an audience.

That TEDx she gave that day in 2014 ended up going viral, filling her new career coaching practice up to the brim with a waitlist, and giving her more than $1M in coaching and keynote speaking revenue over time.

Knowing that these TEDx talks are a superhighway for your personal brand, our team works extensively with our rolodex of TEDx curators all over the world to get clients booked for their date on stage– and big career results to follow.

  • We’ve written more than 100 TEDx speeches totaling millions of views on the TEDx channels… In fact, our founder’s two TEDx talks alone have over 12 million views.
  • Some of our speeches are ranked amongst the top 100 TEDx talks on the internet.
  • Many of our clients have used their TEDx speeches we booked for them to land book deals, podcast listenership, speaking agents, speaking engagements, brand deals and spokesperson opportunities – amongst many other opportunities!

Here’s your journey

When you work with us

We’ve distilled the TEDx writing and booking process down to only four (4) zoom calls with our team… That’s right!

Our clients only need to fill out an intake form, and show up for four (4)  zoom calls with us, up to 90 minutes each.

We use those calls to extract all the magic out of them that we need in order to strategize their TEDx talk, crystallize their big idea, write their TEDx draft, and go through edits together.

We do the four zoom calls over the span of two months to keep our writers in a state of writing momentum, and from there, our booking team does all the work to get you booked– you you simply hear from us when you when we get a “yes” and you have your speaking date booked on the TEDx stage!

Of the 100 clients we’ve booked on stage for TEDx, many came to us saying that they were overwhelmed – unsure as to whether their topic is right, the structure of the talk aligns with TEDx guidelines, and they’re often self-conscious about being too self-promotional.

… NOTE: TEDx talks get banned and pulled off the Internet when they overstep the TEDx guidelines! This has never happened to one of our clients, but we hear about it all the time.

Hence, these nerves make sense to us. While we’re not affiliated directly with TED or TEDx, our team understands the brand intimately.

We often hear that getting booked for TEDx feels unclear and overwhelming– and it is!

But it’s what we know how to handle best.

With more than 100 TED and TEDx talks written by our team, writing viral TEDx speeches talks is what we’re born to do.

With more than 100 TEDx talks placed by our booking team, we’re confident that we can get the job done with grace.

Our Founder Ashley Stahl’s Personal Journey with TEDx…

In 2012, I won an award for my work in counterterrorism, and will never forget meeting a beautiful TEDx speaker named Sarah at the awards ceremony. She had just spoken at the TEDx event hosted with the United Nations … and I told her doing something like that would be a total dream, feeling as though it was way out there, later in my life.

She looked at me when I left, as if out of a cartoon, and smiled: “perhaps that’ll happen sooner than you think.”

Me? I thought.
How would I ever make that happen?
And what message would I even have to share?

That night I flew to Istanbul, Turkey for one of my last work assignments in counterterrorism – reporting on the protests in Taksim Square.

Just days later, I was crouched down in the Grand Spice bazaar with teargas in my eyes, and I felt a buzz in my pocket.

I received a text from Sarah — she recommended me to TEDx Berkeley.

… All I needed to do was submit a pitch and a “speaking reel.”

What’s a speaking reel? I wondered.

I googled the term, only to find a few very fancy 3 minute clips of famous speakers walking across stages with messages that were impacting MILLIONS.

All I had in that moment was my iPhone, so propped up against the bathroom wall, I recorded my soon to be “speaking reel” the TEDxcurators requested.

I made up some sort of speech, and much to my SHOCK, they accepted me as a speaker!

I was haunted every night that they would rescind their invitation. But they did not.

After three months of religiously preparing for my talk, it was my turn.

I walked on stage just after Guy Kawasaki. He had the crowd roaring with laughter, and I was petrified!

I was asked to talk about counterterrorism. But instead, I owned my new identity as a career expert as I delivered: Three Questions to Unlock Your Authentic Career.

This was the first speech I’ve ever given in my life … and it went viral.

In fact, TEDxBerkeley put me on the map.

The month that TEDx talk went live, my new private coaching practice was booked in full with a waitlist.

I was then invited years later to give another TEDx at a university in the Netherlands, called “How To Figure Out What You Really Want.”

That talk was much better than my first, a reflection of my years of experience
I’d then built in speaking, but it was slow to catch on.

Finally, six months later, it went viral.

And today, it gets 10,000 views a day.

Within three months of this particular talk, I got a $500,000 brand deal, multiple offers for a book deal, and a ton of organic traffic to my podcast, online courses, and private coaching practice. I secured more than $1 million in consulting, landed foreign licensing deals for my books and programs, and so much more.

I’ve lived two lives as a business owner:

a life before TEDx, and a life after TEDx.

Before my TEDx...

I used so much energy pushing to build my business, including paid ads, posting blogs non-stop, and more. What TEDx gave me was a quantum shift, from leading with masculine energy in my business to leading with feminine energy. Instead of pushing to create results and revenue growth, opportunities started to find me.

How can opportunities NOT find you when you have thousands of people listening to your message, organically, every day? This is the power of the TED brand and this is what I want for you.

What if I could deliver a formula to streamline the process of writing the best talk of your life — and landing a spot on the TEDx stage within the next year?

With the right formula, going viral is incredibly simple… You simply need to write the best talk of your life. You need to craft your story in a way that people truly understand and focus on your idea worth spreading.

My clients frequently say: But I don’t know what to talk about or I’m not established enough in my career.

Well, I had no idea what to talk about and I was a BRAND NEW career coach before I spoke at TEDx Berkeley.

We will work together to unlock your core message and idea worth spreading

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional. In fact, we can write ALL of your speech for you– or you can opt to write it collaboratively, with our support. 

The opportunity is available to you.

I tell my clients: Don’t do what you love. Do what you are.

For me, I’m a speechwriter and a creative. This is my zone of genius and my gift to you.

And I’ve created a team to work with me so that you have the best access to all the pieces you need to be successful on the TEDx stage.

We’ve written more than 100 TEDx talks for clients and our team has booked more than 100 on stage. We have a nearly 100% success rate in getting people on the TEDx stage because we’re mindful about who we work with, and hence our application is a bit extensive.

We work with people who, most importantly, deeply want to help the world with a positive message, and are willing to practice the speech we provide them with love, care and intentionality until the day of their scheduled speech.

Our Core Values As a Team…

We stand for love, efficiency, impact, integrity, equanimity, creativity and excellence. 

  • Love. We believe in delighting our clients.
  • Efficiency. We believe in getting things done, not trying to get things done. We show up on time, and we keep projects moving, knowing that we live in a busy world and our job is to take work OFF the plates of our clients.
  • Impact. Our clients are a vehicle for us to impress our gifts and impact upon the world.
  • Integrity. We do what is right for our team and clients. We are impeccable with our word, and in an industry where many service providers are not delivering what was promised, we commit to delivering in spades.
  • Equanimity. We believe you’re in your most powerful and creative state when you’re calm, and we commit to bringing this energy and professionalism into every interaction. Our founder has a graduate degree in psychology and we bring therapeutic tools into our interactions– and our writing!
  • Creativity. We believe in originality. We alchemize our client’s brand and make magic of their life experiences.
  • Excellence. We create quality work you cannot get elsewhere… period. Our standards for speechwriting are sky high.

Wise Whisper Agency is Different… And We Know it!

We Have the World’s Most Elite Speechwriters

Our speechwriters have written New York Times bestselling books, they’ve sold movie scripts, and they’ve written Broadway shows. We’re not here to write any basic TEDx script. We’re here to deeply move you, and your audience… And that’s why each speech we write for every single client is unique! Our founder uses a framework for speaking she learned while working in politics under the Obama administration, but our speechwriters all have an array of backgrounds that contribute to nuance in our creativity. In fact, we have been approached by politicians to write stump speeches due to the impact our TEDx talks have made, and we currently are not taking those clients on, but we’re flattered by the compliment!

Success Is Nearly Guaranteed For Getting You Booked on the Stage.

“They’re gifted writers who were able to take my book and help me distill it down into a powerful talk that’s just exactly what I wanted it to be. Not only that, but they got me booked for a TEDx talk so quickly — I think it was a matter of weeks.”

Stephanie May Wilson

Nashville, TN

Our booking team is vast, with a deep rolodex of relationships with event managers and we have secured more than 100 clients on TEDx stage. We pitch as many events it takes to get you booked. 

We’re Not Just Writers, We’re Business Minded Digital Marketing Experts

We understand that your TEDx going viral is not just a storytelling opportunity, it’s a business opportunity for you to expand your reach and generate an influx of real opportunities that transform your career. We’re incredibly strategic in the wording we use to promote you (TEDx guidelines are very sensitive to self-promotion), and the psychology behind the slides we create for you. Our founder’s graduate degree in psychology shows up often in the wording we choose for PowerPoint decks, as they’re geared to maximize the audience’s learning. Every word of our speechwriting, pitching to curators, and bio is geared to maximize the lead generation and opportunity that can come through your signature talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply to work with us on this page, and we’ll get in touch with you within one week to schedule a formal 30 minute consultation with our client manager and/or creative director, if we determine that we’re a possible fit to work together. During the consultation, Ashley will want to learn more about your brand (…and it’s okay if you haven’t built a big personal brand!), your focus, and what you’d love to see happen if you take the leap and book your talk. If it feels aligned, we will send you our paperwork to onboard you, and as soon as that comes in, we’ll send you a welcome email with all the details you’ll need– your intake form, a calendar link to book your first brainstorm zoom call with the speechwriting team, and info on your start date…

Usually we’re running about 6 weeks out, and we have clients whose start dates are delayed due to our capacity/waitlist.

*While we absolutely adore TEDx and all their successes, we want you to know that “TED” and “TEDx” are trademarks of TED Conferences LLC. Wise Whisper LLC is totally independent and not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC or its affiliates.

We don’t take on much more than 5 new clients per month given the capacity of our speechwriting team– we hate to be digital market-y and claim that we have scarcity on our offer or “limited spots,” but we honestly just can’t take on more volume right now. The kind of talent our speechwriting team has on deck is really hard talent for us to find.

After your consultation, you’ll set a start date that’s usually 4-8 weeks out from the date of your consult. We’ll need to get your intake form back from you (it can take an hour or so to fill out) at least 7 days before your first zoom call with the team. The four speechwriting zoom calls then take place over a two month time span.

After your talk is written during those two months, your speech will be passed over to the booking team. We’ll confirm what dates you’re unavailable for talk (for example, if you have a wedding in the coming year, or any other important event that prevents you from speaking on the TEDx stage for a specific date… We’ll also confirm your location availability, given that events happen all around the world.

The fastest we’ve ever booked a TEDx and gotten a “yes” from a TEDx event curator is within 6 weeks of the date we finished a speech draft. The slowest it’s ever been is 14 months! And even when you get a “yes,” to be booked on the TEDx stage, the events tend to run about 2-5 months out from when you get accepted as a speaker.

The fastest we could imagine you standing on stage is probably within 5 months– meaning from the date of your consultation to the date you’re standing on the big red dot. The slowest would be 18 months.

After you get onto the TEDx stage, the TEDx event curator submits your video footage to TEDx, and it can be anywhere from 1-4 months before you see it live on YouTube.

*While we absolutely adore TEDx and all their successes, we want you to know that “TED” and “TEDx” are trademarks of TED Conferences LLC. Wise Whisper LLC is totally independent and not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC or its affiliates.

As you can see above, TEDx works at its own pace. Clients see it as an investment in their brand without it being time bound. In fact, our founder Ashley Stahl’s second TEDx in 2019 didn’t go viral for 6 months after its release on YouTube. There was no reason or rhyme for this, no one in particular that we know of shared the talk– it simply went viral when it wanted to! For this reason, we advise clients against choosing topics that are tied to anything timely or trendy. If you have a book coming out or you’re eventually hoping to land a book deal, having a TEDx is appealing to your publisher! It not only will translate in your credibility, but they know these TEDx talks can translate into consistent book sales.

*While we absolutely adore TEDx and all their successes, we want you to know that “TED” and “TEDx” are trademarks of TED Conferences LLC. Wise Whisper LLC is totally independent and not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC or its affiliates.

We pretty much don’t stop pitching you to get onto the TEDx stage until we get a “yes.”

There has been one client that we could not book in the past 18 months, and the issue we had was that her English wasn’t easy for the TEDx curators to understand. This makes us really sad because we really want to support diversity over here at Wise Whisper, but we do understand that a lot of the TEDx events we book are based on communication skills– and we only book for English-speaking events… We’re working now to develop our booking team in new languages so we can secure TEDx events for clients in different languages!

All of this said, our booking team has placed more than 1,200 clients for TEDx, and we think our success is tied to our filtering, and making sure we’re taking on clients that we see as “bookable.”

We’re working on it! We have had some amazing clients come in that are hoping to speak at non-English speaking events, and we really want to make it happen. Right now, though, we’re not the right agency for you if this is what you’re seeking.

Clients have gotten consistent product sales, book sales, podcast listeners and more from their TEDx talk! We’re most excited to help them write their story and message out in a way that leaves a legacy and impacts millions, but we know that there is an insane amount of opportunity on the table for them! Clients have landed book deals, TV shows, speaking agents, increased keynote speaking fees, keynote opportunities, spokesperson deals, brand deals and more, often tied directly to their TEDx.

Our founder Ashley Stahl secured more than $1M in revenue for her private coaching practice that was directly related to lead generated from her TEDxBerkeley in 2014– and she’s created twice the revenue from opportunities tied to her 2019 talk at TEDxLeidenUniversity.

Nope– they often don’t even cover travel. They know their brand is strong, and clients are often willing to fly to all sorts of locations to secure their spot on the TEDx stage.

TED is the main brand, and while you can pitch yourself to speak on stage at TED, it’s largely invite only.

TEDx is a license that TED has granted to different event curators and there are way more TEDx events than TED events… However, we don’t believe that consumers see any real brand credibility difference in either TED or TEDx.

We only pitch for TEDx events, and not for TED, though we have had plenty of TED speakers ask us to write their talks that they’ve already gotten booked.

Not at all! We’re an agency run by a top 100 ranked TEDx speaker and an author– Ashley Stahl–  who identifies as a writer more than anything else. With writing being her passion, and two TEDx talks under her belt, she’s simply motivated to help other entrepreneurs experience the impact, opportunities and brand authority she received from TEDx. We are in no way affiliated with TED or TEDx… But we do have incredible relationships with TEDx curators that love to book our clients on their stages!

Yes, and no. We don’t book clients on stage for TEDx talks that are operating for their first time, meaning that the event just got a license from the TED brand to host a TEDx. We worry about first time events because they don’t have their ducks in a row and we don’t want our clients having bad audio or production. That said, Ashley Stahl’s super viral top 100 ranked TEDx in 2019 had spotty audio and mediocre video production, and it still got the job done for her brand and more.

We pitch you for events that have been run before, and we make sure their backdrop is respectable because obviously, for our clients, the TEDx experience is mostly about the YouTube link and not the day of the event. To book our client on the TEDx stage, we look for an event track record, solid audio, and a nice backdrop within fair geographical reach of our client.

We don’t pitch you for dates that you cannot attend– we ask for those details from you in our paperwork!

We ask you what countries and locations you’re willing to fly to in our paperwork! We can get you booked within reach of your home, but we cannot guarantee it if you live in the boonies!

We allocate 3 hours of time for the speechwriter to absorb the client’s materials, be it books they’ve written, podcasts they’ve been on, and more… And we recommend that clients don’t send these materials until after zoom call #1 for speechwriting, because the tone of the speech gets set in that first call, and that’s when the client can be very focused in choosing what specific content the speechwriting team should absorb.

We don’t offer any services to the open market outside of our TEDx experience, but we do have additional services available only to our clients who have already written and booked a TEDx with us.

These include: website design and development, keynote speech writing, webinar script writing, social media management, podcast management, brand photoshoots, book proposal writing, speaking coaching, speaking reel creation, online course creation and more.

Clients tend to come back for these.

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