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Best Remote Jobs For Moms

The 5 Best Remote Jobs For Moms in 2021 with Flexibility

In 2021, the pandemic changed the way we work. Business as usual went out the door and we scrambled to find a new way. Moms became teachers, dads became homemakers, and remote work soared to 87% of America’s workforce. We’re scrambling to find a new pandemic-free normal. And that means that moms are exploring the best remote jobs.


As a career coach, I’m constantly asked what the best jobs are for moms who either want to or need to work remotely. I also found that many of my clients don’t know all the different choices they have. There are thousands of careers – not just the limited list we’ve all been exposed to through school, friends, and family. Here are my top five remote jobs for moms that may just change the way you work forever. 


  • Front-end Engineer


In this position you will design, select, install, and test the user interface elements of a website. It’s all about refining the user experience. Front-end developers work for companies, on contract, or as freelancers. They work with clients to develop ideas for new websites or renovate existing sites. The majority of the work is done using a laptop or personal computer from home or anywhere else that suits your fancy. 


A bachelor’s degree in computer science is often required. However, career experience counts in lieu of a degree. Front-end developers need to be attentive to both form and functionality. Significant experience on a diverse range of projects, using a variety of programming languages and software sets candidates apart from the competition. Industry associations offer professional certifications. The World Organization of Webmasters offers a multi-tiered certification program. Aside from programming, knowledge of copywriting, content management, SEO, and a willingness to keep up with the latest design trends are all traits employers look for and moms deliver.


Salary expectations: $151,000. 


  • Occupational Therapist


With the roll-out of pandemic America, telehealth is taking off. Occupational therapists offer web conferencing and work one-on-one with clients experiencing physical and cognitive changes. OTs offer a holistic perspective, focusing on adapting the environment to fit the individual. OTs help others live their best lives.  


A master’s degree is required for entry-level OTs. After completing your degree, you’ll need to pass the national board exam (NBCOT) before obtaining state licensing. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, OT jobs are projected to grow 16% between 2019 and 2029 – must faster than average. 


Salary expectations: $84,950. 


  • Corporate Recruiter 


I prefer Talent Acquisition Specialist. Corporate recruiters are headhunters – seeking the best of the best for their clients. One recruiter explained it like this: 

I find two or three recruits that can do the next “big” job. Then, I call my clients and sell them the job description so I can place my recruits. 


But that’s not all. A lot of companies use recruiters rather than advertise on Craigslist and spend hours combing through resumes of unqualified candidates. If you’re a people person with impeccable communication skills and deliberate attention to detail, this remote work fits the bill. 


While having a bachelor’s degree may set you apart, your best asset is showcasing your problem-solving skills and keen ability to vet people quickly. These are all traits moms use every day – put those skills to work. 


Salary expectations: $$60,700*

*Corporate recruiters can be paid a commission, a base plus commission, or base plus bonuses. 


  • Financial Analyst


Financial analysts assess the performance of financial portfolios for their clients. Financial analysts thrive in a high-stakes environment where there is money on the line. You must have strong interpersonal skills and be able to clearly communicate. 


Most financial analysts have a bachelor’s degree, and many have a master’s in accounting, finance, statistics, economics, or business administration. Essential interpersonal skills include expert-level analytical and financial modeling, strategic thinking, and ability to influence and persuade. 


Salary expectations: $80,310 


  • Compliance Officer


Compliance officers uphold the integrity of the companies they represent. In this role, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all internal policies and outside regulatory and legal requirements are met. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies typically hire compliance officers. Other opportunities include any state or federally regulated industry, such as healthcare, legal cannabis, and the food service industry.  


Having a bachelor’s degree in law or business management is a huge plus. Along with a degree, developing an in-depth knowledge of your niche industry is vital.    


Salary expectations: $69,050


These are just a sampling of outside-the-box ideas moms can look to for remote work. If you have a degree already, use it to put your best foot forward. If you don’t, use the experience you have to land the remote job of your dreams. Look for jobs that envelop your career goals as well as allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want. 


The best remote jobs for moms are the ones that light you up and allow you to shine. 


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