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The 6 Best Podcasts For Your Life And Career

As the host of my own podcast, I’m often looking for other podcasts to seriously inspire me. Luckily, the podcast world is filled with some amazing, impressive entrepreneurs, business leaders, life coaches, and more . I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite podcasters, so you can get as motivated and moved as I am whenever I listen to them!

1. Mind Love Podcast, Melissa Monte.

If you’re looking to learn how to shift your mindset and develop some modern mindfulness techniques, look no further than Melissa Monte’s incredibly heartfelt, spiritual podcast, Mind Love. I love this podcast for so many reasons, many of which have to do with the ways Melissa masterfully dives into mastering your mindset, and how open she is about her journey.

Melissa is so inspiring… She went from an abusive relationship and a dangerous eating disorder to teaching others how to meditate and tap into their mindfulness. From dating and relationships to creativity and business success, Melissa discusses it all.

2. The Angie Lee Show, Angie Lee.

I love Angie Lee so much! She’s such an inspiration for so many reasons. Once a college dropout, Angie now runs her own brilliant podcast, The Angie Lee Show, and is a seven-figure entrepreneur. Wow! Tune in to her show to learn about business, upgrading your relationship with money, and make your life overall richer in all aspects.

Want to learn about how to make more money, the importance of breath work, or building a significant social media following? Angie’s your woman. My favorite part? This lady is funny. I highly recommend Angie’s show for anyone looking to learn and laugh at the same time.

3. Bucci Radio, Amanda Bucci.

Amanda Bucci is a lifestyle entrepreneur who’s main goal is to help others find their true selves and passions, and her podcast Bucci Radio is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to really find themselves. Her podcast is full of amazing guests who discuss anything from fitness, education, or personal anecdotes. Listen to her show and you’ll leave with a new sense of purpose and a fire lit inside you!

Amanda’s show is so inspiring because of her wide range of topics, all directed toward helping you find your true, authentic self. From learning to say ‘yes’ to business ventures and creating your best life, everyone can find something on Bucci Radio to feed their souls.

4. Earn Your Happy Podcast, Lori Harder.

Everyone wants to learn how to be happy, but it can seem nearly impossible to tackle ‘happiness’ as an overall concept. It’s not a daunting task for Lori Harder, though, and she’s dedicated her podcast Earn Your Happy to exactly that. If you’re searching for happiness, or trying to figure out how you can cultivate it in all aspects of your life, you’ve come to the right show.

I love her ability to “turn struggles into strengths,” and teach anyone and everyone how to really, truly earn their happiness. Figuring out how to be as happy as possible is something I’ve always been inspired by, and I’m obsessed with Lori’s funny and incredibly useful advice.

5. For The Love of Money Podcast, Chris Harder.

“Do you want to be successful” is one of the most rhetorical questions I could ask. Everyone wants to find success! That’s why I love the For The Love of Money Podcast. Chris Harder, entrepreneur and philanthropist, dedicates his podcast to sharing inside tips and tools of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business people, so you can get there too!

This podcast is all about expanding on stories about wealth and success to help others to live their best lives. If you’ve ever wondered how the successful and the wealthy really do it, Chris’s podcast probably has the answer. And I’m so inspired by his positive outlook on our relationships with money, something I know a lot of people (including myself) can struggle with.

6. School of Greatness, Lewis Howes.

If you’re looking for a podcast that has topics ranging from building a personal brand, to getting more sleep, to embracing your spirituality, I highly recommend School of Greatness. Lewis Howes has really tapped into something remarkable: The ability to combine business and self-development into one cohesive, inspirational podcast featuring some pretty amazing celebrities.

You can learn about building confidence from author Rachel Hollis, booking gigs from actor Leslie Odom Jr., or even the championship mentality from Kobe Bryant. I’ll be the first to admit I love hearing celebrities divulge their secrets to success. It’s so inspiring, and fascinating, to hear successful people discuss how they got to where they are today.

I absolutely love all of these podcasters. I find them all so inspirational, motivating, and just overall impressive. I love that I can tune in whenever I want and learn about a whole range of things from making more money, to being in tune with my happiness, to developing mindfulness techniques. Some topics I didn’t even know I was interested in until I listened to these podcasts! But no matter the episode, I’ve always found the advice to be helpful not only to my career but also my personal life. If you have the spare time (which I know you do!) please listen to these amazing podcasts. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


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