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This concept brings me to tears


What do you know that you wish you did not know? 

This is a great coaching question, and I encourage you to be your own coach today and ask it to yourself.

The answers probably range from: I’m not happy in my job to I should leave my marriage.

There are so many truths within us that we choose not to face. There are so many voices inside of our hearts we choose not to listen to.

Yet in a world that says “the truth will set you free,” why do we choose not to trust ourselves? Why do we choose to ignore those wise little voices within us?

Because they’re inconvenient.

Because they’re painful.

Because sometimes they unravel our lives.

Because they can be scary.

But here’s the deal: your choice not to honor that wise little voice inside is holding you back in life. Your choice to disregard this part of you that is screaming for your attention is keeping you from shining.

When I’m caught up feeling worried that “things aren’t going my way,” or worried that the truth is going to hurt, I always remind myself that the universe is perfect.

If you’re ever feeling like you’re not okay, you’re not safe, or the world is over for you, I want to give you PROOF.

  • The sun perfectly goes up and down each day.
  • The moon is there to miraculously regulate the ocean’s tide.
  • The best medicines come from plants.
  •  Animals somehow wake up right on time from hibernation.

There is so much rhythm, flow and grace in nature—and if you truly notice it, you will start to trust the flow and truths that come forward in your own life. After all, you’re a part of this ecosystem.

And if everything is this perfect, why try to control and force things to work your way.

Do you really know what’s best?  I trust something bigger to know what’s best.

Happiness isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes you have to fight for it. And that means listening to what’s true, and trusting yourself.

You are wise, and I believe in you.



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