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Ted talks to help you get unstuck

Top 7 Ted Talks To Help You Get Unstuck In Your Career

Treading water is a fine way to exercise but it’s a terrible way to work. Sure, we all have the occasional “blah,” unmotivated day. What’s more concerning is when you have a string of days where you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential. 


There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic made it easier to feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel, exhausted but getting nowhere fast. For a quick pick me up, a dynamic TED Talk has always been my go-to. So if you’re looking to get energized and inspired here are the top seven TED Talks to help you get un-stuck in your career!


1. Want to Be More Creative? Go for a walk! Marily Oppezzo


If you’re feeling hemmed in and having trouble solving a problem, then behavioral and learning scientist Marily Oppezzo has a time-tested solution. Take a walk! You might even bring your dog with you. You’ll be surprised how well it works. This top 7 ted talk is fun, fast-paced and will set you up for a creative brainstorm.

2. Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work  Jason Fried


Many of us have already discovered the truth behind Jason Fried’s 2014 TED Talk but I think its lessons remain relevant. The lockdowns of 2020 liberated many workers from the office. If you’ve been wondering why you’re so much happier and more productive working from home, Fried lays out what may have seemed a radical notion at the time: work is the worst place to actually work. Few people say the office is the best place to get things done. This Talk shows exactly why. 

3. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career Larry Smith 


Sometimes we’re better at making excuses than almost anything else. A well thought-out excuse can keep us from exercising, visiting family, or ending a bad relationship. It can also derail a career. If you think the excuses you’re making are original, this blunt but humorous TED Talk by Larry Smith might surprise you. 


4. Try Something New For 30 Days  Matt Cutts


Just as you can develop a good habit by doing it three days in a row, you can accomplish just about anything by trying it for at least 30 days. Matt Cutt’s enlightening advice is that you can make real and lasting change just by adopting this 30 day rule. I recommend this TED Talk for its confidence-boosting ability.


5. Be an Artist, Right Now! Young-ha Kim 


Is your inner child napping? Did you send him or her to time out? This is one of my favorites of the top seven TED Talks, because of author Young-ha Kim’s charming presentation and how connecting to the world’s great artists can liberate your inner child to play, create, and yes help you get unstuck in your career. 

6. Your Elusive Creative Genius Elizabeth Gilbert


Isn’t a wonderful idea, the thought that just as every one of us has an inner child begging for recognition we all have a creative but elusive genius waiting for liberation! Elizabeth Gilbert gets real as she talks about the obstacles she faced struggling to complete Eat, Pray, Love. She also offers solid advice on how to nurture your own creative process.


7. How to Change Careers When You’re Lost  Felicia Ricci


Maybe your tendency to feel like you’re treading water isn’t a sign of laziness but a symptom that you need to make a profound change. As Felicia Ricci points out, life doesn’t have a final draft –– it’s a constant work in progress. Just as inspiring, she advises innovators to ignore the odds because they have never been in our favor. 


I like this last TED Talk because it might inspire you to take a hard look at what’s holding you back. It may require a bold step but you can achieve great things if you let yourself take a risk!


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