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Wake Up!

“It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear– and that’s true.
It is also true that when the student is ready, teachers appear everywhere.”

-Ron & Mary Hulnick

I hit a point in my early career where I felt completely empty. I was yearning for more in my life — particularly in my work. I wanted clarity, and I craved a mission. I had spent years chasing goals that looked sparkly on the outside, and with each accomplishment met, I hardly celebrated myself. It was as though I maintained an invisible to do list that never ended. If anything, these accomplishments only served as a discussion piece at dinner parties and DC cocktail hours, but I felt empty.

I watched other achievers in the national security realm fly past me as they traveled to the darkest and most colorful corners of the world, conducting missions to keep us safe. I found it confusing that I didn’t want to do this work alongside them, when it was all that I had worked to do in grad school.

These feelings inspired me to hire my first coach. I recall stepping anxiously into our first session without realizing that she would be a catalyst for a huge awakening in my life– awakening to my purpose, my mission and my essence. 

Reasons make magic happen in your life, goals don’t. When you wake up to this, you’ll never go back to sleep. The money, the job, the fancy car, the new house — they’ll never feel as wealthy as living your purpose. If you can do both, that’s nirvana– and I now know that it’s 100% possible.

My question for today: Is there someone who has helped you awaken in the world? If so, I invite you to thank them today for being a powerful force in your life.

It’s time you honor your purpose, and tap into the wealth that was always there within you. 

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