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What Job Will Make Me Happy Quiz | Career Choice Guide

Most of my clients are at a crossroads. They’re looking for change but often don’t know what kind of change they’re looking for. They want a career, not a job. They want to do something that not only fills their bank account, but also sparks their passion. 

Maybe this sounds like you. 

Luckily there are a lot of tools available to help you decide. But it’s more than taking a “what job will make me happy quiz“. You will need to dive deep and do some real soul searching. Understanding your personality will help guide you into the next phase of your professional life. 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one tool to use to determine your personality type and how you interact with the world. For example, are you an extrovert who enjoys being in the middle of things? A quick Google search will give you hundreds of short quizzes to take developed using quiz makers software (yes, it’s a thing). If nothing else, they’re fun to take and some are amazingly accurate! 

Here are three ways to help you decide what job will make you happy

Are you an introvert or extravert? 

Knowing how you prefer to interact with people helps narrow down the job field. Introverts prefer working alone or independently while extraverts prefer being in the middle of things. If you’re an introvert in a public role, you might find your happiness meter dwindling. The same is true of an extrovert stuck in a room analyzing data all day. 

Do you prefer working for someone or working for yourself? 

A lot of people truly prefer to work for someone. They like having a steady paycheck and company benefits. They may also like the office environment where they can interact and socialize without feeling like they’re always selling. If this sounds like you, create a career path with this focus in mind. It might look something like starting as a junior executive and working your way up to a C-level position.  

However, if this is not you, you will be stifled in a corporate environment. People that work for themselves have a sense of purpose and direction. They’re often excellent problem solvers with insatiable drive. Working for yourself is hard but so worth it.  

How do you solve problems? 

If you prefer to solve problems collaboratively and in a team environment, look for that in your career. People that are collaborative problem solvers tend to be more communication focused. Often these people are in the mix of everything. They are the life of the party. If you fit into this category, you might excel in a career in advertising or public relations, perhaps even as a foreign diplomat. 

On the other hand, there are the research focused types, preferring to work by the numbers. These people help bring everyone else down to reality. If you prefer to know the ideas presented are valid, you might be a by-the-numbers type of person. Finding a career in statistics or analytics will benefit your personality type.

Use the Myers-Briggs to learn more about your personality type. Spend some time in self-reflection mode. Understanding your personality type, your preferences, and likes will help you build a career you enjoy. And remember, it’s never forever. As you grow and change, you can change your career. A career path is just a guide to keep you focused – and to prevent you from saying: I’m exactly where I was a year ago, nothing’s changed.

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