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Where are you in fear?

Somewhere along my entrepreneurial journey, I encountered a burnout of epic proportions… And if you’ve been reading my love notes over all these years, you probably saw it coming.

After working myself into the ground, I got very curious about how to find myself again.  I missed feeling like “me.”

…It was almost like that feeling you get when you have the flu for a bit too long and you stop feeling like yourself. That feeling where everyone else feels like they’re flying past you and you are just so disconnected.

Have you ever experienced a time where you felt like you worked so hard towards something, that in the end, you didn’t know who you were?

Maybe you worked hard towards your college degree in a major that you don’t even have an interest in.

Maybe you got stuck in a career path that doesn’t align with who you are. (SIDENOTE: If you have, our amazing in-house career coach has some openings available to help. Click here to find out more!

Or maybe you got sick, and your health made you lose your center.

I get it. And here are some key questions to ask yourself.

1. Is there somewhere in your life right now that you can bring all of yourself into?

Perhaps your job is a vehicle for self-expression.

Perhaps you connect most with who you are when you’re with family.

Perhaps you’re in a relationship that inspires you to express yourself more fully.

Maybe it’s hard for you to have an answer to this, because the question requires you to first ask the question: WHO AM I? My recommendation is to write down your core values (I have a sheet on it here!). This is a powerful start, and as you know, your top values are key ingredients to a fulfilled life on all levels.

I looked at my top five values and asked myself: where do I feel like I can express these in my life?

2. Are you surrounding yourself with people that allow you to be who you are?

This question is a big deal… And it’s wildly underestimated.

3. Where are you in fear?

One thing that I’ve continued to learn is that ANY decision made on the basis of fear will never last in the long term. If you enter a marriage full of fears, if you enter a business full of fears, and you fuel your actions through fear, it will eventually dismantle.

Here’s the deal… We can use fear to create, and it does work in the short term! It just can’t hold long term because fear is a figment of our imagination and there’s often nothing real to support it. LOVE is a powerful and inspiring tool to create from…

So ask yourself: where are you in fear?

AND… Where can you be more in a place of love?

Sending so much love (and FEARLESSNESS).


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